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37+ Best Summer Holidays Captions For Instagram

50+ Perfect Captions for Your Summer Holiday Memories

Summer is coming, and it’s a great time to take lots of pictures! When we have fun in the sun or go on vacation, we like to share our photos with friends and family. But sometimes, it’s hard to find the right words to go with our pictures.

We will give you lots of ideas for simple and fun captions you can use when you post your summer holiday photos online. Whether you are having a picnic in the park, playing on the beach, or going on a big trip, we’ve got some cool phrases for you.

We’ll show you easy and short captions that can make your pictures even more special. You don’t need to be good at writing; just pick one of our suggestions that fits your photo best. Keep reading this post, and soon, your summer photos will not only look good but also have the perfect words to match!

Funny Summer Holidays Captions 

  •  “Suns out, puns out: summer holiday mode activated!”

  •  “Flip flops, ice pops, and belly flops: that’s what summer holidays are made of.”

  •  “Sunscreen: because I wanted a holiday glow, not a Rudolph nose.”

  •  “Keep calm and pretend you’re at the beach… oh wait, we actually are!”

  •  “Summer holidays: where the only thing getting ‘lit’ is the barbecue.”

  •  “Beach hair, don’t care. I’ve got sunshine on my mind.”

  •  “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the… just kidding, come on in; the water’s fine!”

  •  “Summer loving had me a blast, but my sandcastle skills need some work.”

  •  “Grilling and chilling: my summer holiday workout plan.”

  •  “Finding Nemo was easier than finding my phone in this beach bag.”

  •  “I’m on a seafood diet this summer: I see food, and I eat it.”

  •  “Vacation mode: engaged. Common sense: still loading.”

  •  “Why fall in love when you can fall into a hammock on summer holiday?”

  •  “Life’s a beach, and I’m just playing in the sand.”

  •  “Tropical state of mind with a chance of coconut.”

  •  “Aloe there, summer! Nice to finally meet you.”

  •  “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream on the beach, and that’s pretty close.”

  •  “Summer: Hair gets lighter. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Nights get longer.”

  •  “I’m just a beachy kind of person, living on salt time.”

  •  “Mermaid off-duty, please leave a message with the ocean.”

  •  “Who needs a travel buddy when you have a selfie stick and questionable decision-making skills?”

  •  “Catching flights, not feelings—except for the sunburn, definitely caught that.”

  •  “Summer motto: Less Monday, more sun day.”

  •  “If summer had a ‘like’ button, I’d hit it a thousand times.”

  •  “Sun’s out, buns out, and we’re not talking about burgers.”

  •  “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream… and vacation days.”

  •  “Hot dogs or legs? The eternal summer mystery continues.”

  •  “Just another day of living in a vacation postcard.”

  •  “Summer is the best excuse for lazy days and even lazier puns.”

  •  “Living on island time minus the island, but hey, the holiday spirit is here!”

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Summer Holiday Quotes For Instagram

  • “Endless blue skies and hearts full of ties, that’s what summer holidays are made of.”

  • “Chasing the sun and having fun, the summer holiday has just begun.”

  • “Ocean air, salty hair, not a single care.”

  • “Summer holidays: where the days are long and the memories are strong.”

  • “Life is better when you’re under the sun, on a holiday that’s second to none.”

  • “Find me under the palms, where the summer whispers and the holiday calms.”

  • “Sun-kissed skin is so hot, we’ll melt your popsicle!”

  • “Vacation vibes and summer skies, that’s my kind of paradise.”

  • “Living in the summertime, where every hour is happy hour.”

  • “Let the waves hit your feet, and the sand is your seat.”

  • “Summer holiday state of mind: coconut in hand, toes in the sand.”

  • “Adventure awaits, let the summer holiday tales commence.”

  • “Sipping’ on sunshine and good times.”

  • “Here’s to the nights we felt alive on summer holiday drives.”

  • “Barefoot, beachside, and with a hint of summer holiday pride.”

  • “Seas the day with sunsets and palm trees swaying away.”

  • “Hello sunshine, goodbye troubles. Summer holiday, here I come!”

  • “Good times and tan lines, that’s what I signed up for.”

  • “Summer: That magical time when the days seem endless and time stands still.”

  • “Let’s shell-celebrate good times and tan lines!”

  • “Flip-flop to the beach stop, that’s my summer holiday plot.”

  • “From sunrise to sunset, summer holidays are the best set.”

  • “Life’s a wave, catch it during your summer holiday.”

  • “Sunshine on my mind, with a holiday vibe you’re sure to find.”

  • “Making waves and catching rays, oh, these glorious summer days.”

  • “Lost at sea? I’m not on shore, but I’m exactly where I want to be.”

  • “Summer holiday: officially trading in my shoes for a towel in the sand.”

  • “Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s alright for holiday play.”

  • “Feeling fantastic this summer, let the sea set you free.”

  • “Summer holiday mode: where every day is a weekend.”

Summer Holidays Captions With Friends

  • “Squad goals: Find a sunny spot and claim it for the day.”

  • “Friends are the sunshine of life, especially on a summer holiday.”

  • “Beach days are always better with these crazies by my side.”

  • “Making memories with my favourite people under the summer sun.”

  • “Summer holidays aren’t complete without a little friend-zy.”

  • “Life was meant for good friends and great adventures, especially in the heat.”

  • “Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane of friendship.”

  • “Chill vibes and high tides with the best by my side.”

  • “Friends, sun, sand, and sea, that sounds like summer to me.”

  • “Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family.”

  • “Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there… even when you’re on a summer holiday.”

  • “Summer’s in the air and baby, heaven’s in your eyes, when you’re on holiday with your friends.”

  • “Friendship is the only ingredient you need for a perfect summer holiday.”

  • “Friends don’t let friends do silly things… alone, during summer holidays.”

  • “When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine… especially on a holiday with friends.”

  • “Friendship is a sunny day wrapped up in a summer holiday.”

  • “Nothing but blue skies and good vibes with my favourite crew.”

  • “Summer state of mind with the best people I know.”

  • “Flip-flop-wearing, wave-surfing, memory-making with my friends.”

  • “Sunsets and palm trees with my main beaches.”

  • “Friends, sun, and summer fun – that’s what holidays are made of.”

  • “Salt in the air and friends by my side, summer holidays perfected.”

  • “Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing, especially on a summer holiday.”

  • “Summer adventures with the gang, where every moment is a highlight.”

  • “Here’s to the friends that turned into family over the summer holidays.”

  • “Summer: when the best memories are made in flip-flops with your friends.”

  • “Friendship is the best kind of ship for sailing through summer days.”

  • “Poolside chats and sun-kissed laughs, that’s our summer anthem.”

  • “Vacation calories don’t count, especially with friends around.”

  • “Collecting moments and seashells with my favourite people.”

Funny Summer Holidays Captions 

  • “Summer: where the only thing more lit than the BBQ is my sunburn.”

  • “Having a whale of a time with my beach bums.”

  • “Summer holidays: because adulting can be postponed.”

  • “Who needs a six-pack when you’ve got beach snacks?”

  • “Reality called, but I’m on summer holiday and sent it to voicemail.”

  • “Summer motto: If you’re not barefoot, then you’re overdressed.”

  • “Beach is sunny.”

  • “Life’s a beach, and I’m just playing in the sand… poorly.”

  • “If you’re not losing a flip-flop, are you even on summer holiday?”

  • “Summer nights and fairy lights with friends who are just as bright.”

  • “Grill and chill: The official sports of summer holidays.”

  • “Getting my daily dose of Vitamin Sea and a little too much Vitamin D.”

  • “Summer holiday rule #: If it requires shoes, it’s not happening.”

  • “Caught between ‘I need to save money’ and ‘You only live once’ this summer.”

  • “I’m all about the palm trees and 80 degrees… or at least that’s what my freezer burn feels like.”

  • “Summer loving’ happened so fast, lost my sunglasses, got a tan that’ll last.”

  • “Currently starring in my reality show titled, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Sunburns.'”

  • “Why fall in love when you can fall into a pool?”

  • “Life is simple, just add water and a splash of friends.”

  • “Beach puns are shore-ly the best way to caption a summer holiday.”

  • “Summer holiday diet: ice cream and SPF.”

  • “Let’s taco ’bout those summer nights.”

  • “Sorry for what I said when I wasn’t at the beach with a cold drink in my hand.”

  • “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a float, and that’s kind of the same thing.”

  • “Summer holidays: where I flip-flop between relaxation and adventure.”

  • “Staying salty all summer long.”

  • “Summer: where the only project I’m working on is my tan.”

  • “Found my true love, its name is summer vacation.”

  • “Summer holiday, where every day is a fry-day.”

  • “Pool hair, don’t care. That’s my summer holiday flair.”

Summer Holidays Captions For Instagram For Girl

  • “Sunshine on my mind and the world at my sandals.”

  • “Mermaid vibes and ocean tides for summer days.”

  • “Chasing the sun and all the fun with a little sass and a lot of class.”

  • “Girls just wanna have sun.”

  • “Feeling fantastic with my toes in the sand.”

  • “Sunkissed hair and beachy flair, that’s my summer look.”

  • “Living that flip-flop life with my favourite shades.”

  • “Sea you on the flip side of a great summer holiday.”

  • “Life’s peachy on the beach.”

  • “Ocean air, salty hair, not a single care.”

  • “Twirling into summer like a sunbeam.”

  • “Keep your heels high and your standards higher, even on summer vacation.”

  • “Summer daze and sparkling waves, that’s how I spend my days.”

  • “Vacay mode: sipping, flipping, and dipping.”

  • “Sun, sand, and a pineapple in hand.”

  • “Summer glow, brought to you by vitamin sea and a little bit of salt.”

  • “Queen of the beach and the summer scene.”

  • “Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun-kissed hair, that endless summer, take me there.”

  • “Find me where the wild things are: the beach, the sun, and the stars.”

  • “Just a girl with a tan and a plan.”

  • “Making waves & catching rays. That’s my summer mantra.”

  • “Living for sunny days and flip-flop praise.”

  • “Dresses at sunset, barefoot at sunrise.”

  • “Seas the day with sun-kissed cheeks and windswept hair.”

  • “Floating through the summer like I’m on cloud wine.”

  • “Sandy toes, sun-kissed nose, that’s how my summer holiday goes.”

  • “Summer state of mind with a hint of mermaid.”

  • “Out of office: the sun and I have a date.”

  • “Summer tales and seashell wishes on this beach vacation.”

  • “Sunsets, palm trees and margaritas with my senoritas.”

  • Enjoy capturing your summer moments with these captions!

Short Summer Holidays Captions

  • “Sun-kissed and blessed.”

  • “Ocean air, best care.”

  • “Vitamin sea, please.”

  • “Flip flops & popsicle tops.”

  • “Sunny vibes only.”

  • “Barefoot wanderer.”

  • “Beach daze, always.”

  • “Summer soul full.”

  • “Sunset chaser.”

  • “Saltwater heart.”

  • “Chill and tan.”

  • “Wave rider.”

  • “Seaside dreaming’.”

  • “Poolside paradise.”

  • “Breezy days.”

  • “Beach, please.”

  • “Sun days, fun days.”

  • “Mermaid moments.”

  • “Shady beaches.”

  • “Sunshine on.”

  • “Sea la vie.”

  • “Tan lines fade.”

  • “Surf’s up.”

  • “Resting beach face.”

  • “Hot and happy.”

  • “Stay salty.”

  • “Endless blue.”

  • “Island time.”

  • “Summer-licious.”

  • “Float on.”


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